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Dry Needling-What Patients Need to Know

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Several Denver physical therapy clinics now offer dry needling as part of their services. This technique helps patients with movement impairments as well as pain and involves the insertion of a dry needle, one that does not contain any medication, into muscle. However, this treatment differs from acupuncture in that it comes from modern medicine as opposed to ancient practices. Although there is some disagreement as to its effectiveness, research has shown that it does provide pain relief and helps patients improve mobility. What do patients need to know before undergoing dry needling?

The Needles

First and foremost, a patient needs to understand what types of needles will be used during their treatment. The physical therapy Denver clinic makes use of thin filiform needles that will penetrate the skin to stimulate myofascial trigger points as well as connective and muscular tissues. These tissues are not manually palpable, but the needle can easily reach them. The therapist wears gloves while carrying out the treatment and disposes of the needles after each use. This helps to ensure infections and diseases are not spread from patient to patient. To further ensure the safety of all, the needles must be disposed of in an appropriate medical sharps collector.

The Benefits of Dry Needling

With the help of dry needling, a patient will likely find his or her range of motion improves. Muscle tension is reduced and any dysfunctions of the motor end plates are normalized. These are the areas where nerve impulses are sent to the muscles. A person finds this helps to reduce the amount of time they need to enter active rehabilitation. Furthermore, trigger points are released or activated to reduce the patient's pain, of great benefit to many. Patients often find they witness benefits in a shorter period of time when this treatment is used by itself or in conjunction with other methods.

Denver PT

Individuals who wish to know more about the benefits of dry needling should contact a clinic offering physical therapy Denver. As each person is different, the results vary from patient to patient. The clinic is best able to provide information about what a person should expect upon undergoing this treatment, based on their symptoms, medical history, and more. Make an appointment today to meet with a physical therapist to determine if this treatment option is right for you. Many people find it provides the relief they desire along with other benefits they may not have anticipated. 

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